Paris v. Cox, 69 N.M. 31, 363 P.2d 636 (1961)

Aug. 9, 1961 · Supreme Court of New Mexico · No. 7019
69 N.M. 31, 363 P.2d 636

363 P.2d 636

Carroll W. PARIS, Petitioner, v. Harold A. COX, Ben F. Branch, Dr. Zucal and the State of New Mexico, Respondents.

No. 7019.

Supreme Court of New Mexico.

Aug. 9, 1961.

COMPTON, Chief Justice, and CARMODY, MOISE, CHAVEZ and NOBLE, Justices, concurring.

Ordered that the request for free process be and the same is hereby granted, and the petition for leave to sue the state of New Mexico is denied.