People v. Gavurnik, 348 Ill. App. 552 (1952)

Dec. 9, 1952 · Illinois Appellate Court · Gen. No. 45,837
348 Ill. App. 552

People of State of Illinois, Defendant in Error, v. John A. Gavurnik, Plaintiff in Error.

Gen. No. 45,837.

Thaddeus C. Toudor, and Zoe Kuta, for plaintiff in error; John S. Boyle, State’s At*553torney of Cook county, for defendants in error; John T. Gallagher, Rudolph L. Janega, Arthur F. Manning, and William J. MeGah, Jr., Assistant State’s Attorneys, of counsel.

Opinion filed December 9, 1952;

released for publication December 23, 1952.

Opinion by

Justice Tuohy.

Not to be published in full.